4i Management Consulting

Corporate Image - Consulting and Advice

4i Unternehmensberatung The image of your enterprise for your customers, for your suppliers, and for the public has an essential impact on the success of your enterprise. Together, we can analyze this image, evaluate it, and work out and realize measures for improving this corporate image.

These measures for your company comprise advertisements, public relations and internet presence. They have a significant influence on the brand value of your products, of your enterprise and the brand loyalty of your customers.

The services of 4i - Consulting in the area of "Corporate Image" are:

  • Coaching for identification of the corporate identity, for the working out of enterprise models/visions, and for the profiling of your enterprise
  • Advices concerning communication strategies and communication concepts
  • Planning and realization of your Corporate Design
  • Support with respect to advertisements, public relations and communication design
  • Coaching for the design of your Internet presence.
Corporate Image